Ambu® AuraStraight™ Disposable Laryngeal Mask AMBU DANMARK


Product Code: Ambu® AuraStraight™



Product Description



Here is an overview of the key features:

  • Reinforced tip resists folding over during insertion and plugs the upper esophageal sphincter
  • Cuff and airway tube molded as single unit for extra safety – no separation
  • The surface has an EasyGlide texture to ease insertion
  • Extra soft cuff ensures the best possible seal with least possible mucosal pressure
  • Less invasive than endotracheal tube
  • Pilot balloon identifies mask size and provides precise tactile indication ofdegree of inflation
  • Convenient depth marks for monitoring correct position of the mask
  • Packaged sterile and ready for use
  • Colour coded pouch with directions for use
  • Available in 8 sizes fitting a wide range of patients
  • MRI safe and compatible
  • The product does not contain natural rubber latex


AuraStraight specifications

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