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Frequency : 1kHz, 5kHz, 50kHz, 250kHz, 500kHz, 1000khHz
Display : 800 X 480 Color TFT LCD
Hand Type : Touch Type, Adhesive Type

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inbody s10 water nutritional monitoring


The inbody s10 water nutritional monitoring give your patient the best nutritional care with an accurate body water analysis

The InBody S10 provides comprehensive body water information such as intracellular water, extracellular water, extracellular water ratio to total body water, and history of body water condition. These outputs are used in numerous dialysis clinic and nutritional support team of hospitals to provide an upgraded treatment for the patients. With its suitably designed apparatus for patients in bed, the InBodyS10 can be used for critically ill patients as well.


Inbody S10

World’s best technology protected by global patents.
Great accuracy with high correlation coefficient of 0.984 with DEXA, the standard equipment for body composition analysis.
Confident technology to provide impedances and reactance value by segment and at multiple frequencies.
Highly preferred for patients in bed.
Handy use with its trans cart and thermal printer.
Adhesive type electrodes are provided for amputee patients.
Three different postures adoptable; standing, sitting, and lying type.
Monitor your patient’s water balance for more accurate nutritional assessment.
Segmental Water Analysis, Segmental ECW Ratio Analysis and all kinds of body composition analysis are provided.
Three different type of results sheet are provided depends on the information that you wanted to have in detail.
inbody s10 water nutritional monitoring Provides diverse analysis useful for all kinds of medical treatment.
Visceral Fat Area (VFA) which indicates intestinal obesity causing many lifestyle diseases.
ECW Ratio by segmental showing an water balance and helps to determine nutritional status of individual.
Segmental Lean Analysis show muscle adequacy of each segments of the body separately.

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Body composition assessment and nutritional information at a glance
Body Composition Analysis: Body weight is the sum of Total Body Water, Protein, Minerals, and Body Fat Mass.
Muscle-Fat Analysis: The longer the Skeletal Muscle Mass bar is compared to the Body Fat Mass bar, the stronger the body is.
Obesity Analysis: BMI is an index used to determine obesity by using height and weight.
Segmental Lean Analysis: Evaluates whether the muscles are adequately developed in the body
Body Composition History: Track the history of the body compositional change. Take the InBody Test periodically to monitor your progress.
InBody Score: This score shows the evaluation of your body composition, which includes muscle, fat, and water in the body.
Weight Control: See how your body measures up to the recommended Weight, Muscle Mass, and Body Fat Mass for a good balance.
Research Parameters: Various nutritional outputs are provided such as BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate), Waist-Hip Ratio, Visceral Fat Level, and Obesity Degree.