Elizabeth Believes in Herself

Author: Michele Gianetti




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Elizabeth Believes in Herself The Special Journey Continues

The book Elizabeth Believes in Herself: The Special Journey Continues follows the life of Elizabeth from her middle school years through her entry into her current college program. This book, the second one about her life, picks up where the first one, I Believe in You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey leaves off.

Elizabeth, who has global dyspraxia and sensory processing (SPD) disorder, shows her determination and strength as she navigates middle school and high school as well as other life and family situations.

As the second part of their story unfolds, the reader finds themselves joining the family’s journey through their successes, struggles and all the changes that arrive when Elizabeth turns 18 years old. Combining the above along with a study from Princeton University about Dyspraxia, the book offers factual and anecdotal information to help those on their own journeys as well as offers them a real look into the life of a wonderful young woman who works so very hard each and everyday of her life and who
truly does as the title states.

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