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Sharkbite Kit – RevMedx is the only modular trauma kit designed for comprehensive treatment of blast injuries, including large surface burns, penetrating wounds and bilateral amputations.
Kit Includes:

  • Airwrap Bandage
  • XGauze Dressing .

RevMedx Trauma Dressing (RTD) consisting of one large non-adherent burn / absorptive pad (vacuum sealed) Available for military and civilian first responders.

Sharkbite Kit – RevMedx is For the treatment of large
devastating blast injuries.
• Large surface burns
• Bi-lateral amputations
• Packing large wound cavities.
• Non-adherent, multi-use
• Bandage or Ace bandage
• > 1 cravat
• 1-2 rolls gauze
• Abdominal bandage

Military: Combat medics (for injuries from land mines and IEDs)
Civilian: Disaster Prep and Emergency
Prep for mass casualty events
How is it different?
There is no other kit containing all of these
components, designed specifically for
these types of injuries – no viable
competitive products

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