The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome




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A complete guide to Down Syndrome parenting, from diagnosis through adulthood Treats all areas of parenting, from feeding, to teaching social skills, and more. Written by two experienced authors who have children with Down Syndrome (one is two, the other one is an adult) Informational pieces supported by MANY parents’ testimonials.

Parents of children with Down Syndrome will find many answers in this newly released guide, already extremely well rated by readers. Jen Jacob and Mardra Sikora combined in this book valuable information and parents’ testimonials, only to let readers advised and inspired.

They teach you, among others, to deal with sharing the news of the diagnosis, accompany your child through speech and occupational therapies, recognize their milestones, advocate for your child at school, and find a job for young adults.

This is a complete guide to raise a happy and healthy child with the diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

256 pages, paperback
Authors: Jen Jacob & Mardra Sikora

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